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2014 — 2022

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What we do

We are known for developing web- and mobile applications that earn us recurring customers.

An eye-catching list of our services would look something like this:

Our core service. If you have a team that's comfortable in back-end technology, we'll complement you by bringing our A-game on the front-end. This is how magic happens.


Native mobile apps and progressive mobile-friendly web apps - we do both. For mobile applications React Native is our tool of choice.


We have vast experience of developing large projects that need a strong foundation and simple architecture.


As leading experts in our field we do training sessions in the form of workshops and presentations, for audiences both big and small. Everything from creating performant animations on the web, to setting up a large monorepo.


We'll help you bring ideas to live with proven processes that answer business questions, iterate, prototype and test a concept in just a few days. A great way to get project started and speed up the development effort.


01 / 05

Google Quantum

We created a couple of interactive learning modules that offer a window into the world of quantum computing.

01 / 05

Memento Payments

To set yourself apart in the FinTech world you need to one-up the competition

01 / 05

Stafrænt Ísland

An information portal serving the whole of Iceland.

01 / 05


An educational app for kids made for Landsbankinn that has gone through three iterations since 2016

01 / 05

Blue Lagoon

We created a website and booking engine for one of Iceland's biggest tourist attractions.

Selected Projects

  • We are grateful for the continued trust

    These are some of our clients who have stuck with us from the beginning and helped us reach the place we're at now.