Digital studio

2014 — 2024

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What we do

We design and develop digital experiences that earn us recurring customers.

Our main services include:

Our specialty. We hold ourselves to a higher standard in the quality of our front-end work and always aim to exceed expectations.


A vital part of our company culture, we love the process of creating digital products and services from scratch. We have gained valuable experience bringing our ideas to life and launching them to the world.


Creating a top-shelf digital experience begins with careful attention to design. Our designers have taken on projects ranging from slick little things that are made to impress, to large-scale design systems and complex web applications.


We’ve been brought in to consult on high-stakes digital projects, and take on teaching and speaking engagements around the world on a regular basis.


01 / 05

Google Quantum

We created a couple of interactive learning modules that offer a window into the world of quantum computing.

01 / 05

Sotheby's Sealed

A secure and safe environment for buyers from all over the world to bid on high-end vehicles, luxury products, and fine art.

01 / 05

Stafrænt Ísland

An information portal serving the whole of Iceland.

01 / 05


An educational app for kids made for Landsbankinn that has gone through three iterations since 2016

01 / 05

Blue Lagoon

We created a website and booking engine for one of Iceland's biggest tourist attractions.

Selected Projects

  • We are grateful for the continued trust

    These are some of our clients who have stuck with us from the beginning and helped us reach the place we're at now.