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2014 — 2024

The Blue Lagoon

A website and booking engine for Iceland's wonder of the world

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Scalable technology

Since Blue Lagoon wanted to start with a clean slate, they entrusted us with choosing the right technology for their digital future. Our goal was to pick a tech-stack that could scale along with a large monorepo for years to come.





React website framework


User interface library

Yarn workspaces

Package architecture

Framer Motion

Animation library

The Blue Lagoon

In terms of scope, the Blue Lagoon project is one of the most significant projects we've undertaken to date. The Blue Lagoon is a very design-driven company. They hired the talented Jón Frímann & Co to create a design language that would work across their whole digital space. Our first task was to translate this design language into code, which we did by implementing a living design system using Storybook.

The website

Since 2017 the website has seen a couple of major overhauls to keep up to date with the evolving design language and the ever-changing landscape of front-end development. In 2020 the website won the SVEF awards for Best Company Website in the subcategory Large Companies.

One of the more challenging aspects of the project was making the content fully dynamic while maintaining the project's artistic direction and keeping everything accessible for all users.

Our main objectives: Smooth and snappy, yet dynamic and flashy while simultaneously conveying the calm, easy feeling of being in the Lagoon.

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  • The booking engine

    In 2019 we launched the Blue Lagoon booking engine, a web application that seamlessly integrates with the website where customers can book experiences, massages, transportation, and more. Users can see real-time availability and prices for all services offered. Existing customers can then log in to see their itinerary, add to a booking or cancel it.

    Beautiful multimedia

    The fantastic team of Döðlur produced the videos that can be seen all over the website. These videos perfectly capture the atmosphere of the Blue Lagoon. The superb photography was in the hands of the ever-talented Ari Magg. Not letting these heavy assets drag the site's performance down was no easy task. We landed on a method that measures each image relative to the user's viewport and fetches an image of the appropriate size and fidelity, while the video content is served using the best compression codecs available on the web today.

    The Blue Lagoon is currently in the middle of a digital transformation journey. The highly skilled people at Aranja are at the center of that journey and their development team is pivotal in helping us reach our goals. We can not recommend them highly enough.

    Droplaug Margrét Jónsdóttir

    Product Manager ⋅ Blue Lagoon

    Essential Information for Asylum Seekers

    When the Icelandic Red Cross sought to address a critical gap in services for asylum seekers, they turned to us for a solution.

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