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2014 — 2024


A two-week whirlwind to elevate a fellow digital agency's web presence.

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Leap Beyond the Ordinary

Gangverk, a digital agency based in Iceland, approached us with a unique challenge - elevate their brand and develop their new website, all within a tight deadline of two weeks. They needed a digital platform that reflected their innovative, custom solutions that have been transforming companies since 2011. Our team at Aranja was eager to rise to the occasion.

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  • Reliable and productive

    Given the tight schedule, we leaned on reliable and familiar technology to bring Gangverk's vision to life. Using this tech stack, we were confident we could create a dynamic, responsive, and visually striking website, all within the established timeline.



    User interface library


    Strongly typed programming language


    React website framework




    Headless CMS

    React Observe

    Our React animation library

    From Colleagues to Clients

    When you're in the business of creating digital products, your website needs to be a showcase of your capabilities. Gangverk understood this principle but had been focusing their expertise on client projects, leaving their website revamp in the shadows. However, the news of winning the 2023 Presidential Icelandic Export Award served as the catalyst they needed to prioritize their online presence, with a solid deadline to meet.

    This was where Aranja stepped in.

    Intersection of Corporate and Creative

    Our designers refined, shaped, and elevated the original design to the next level. The website now features smooth animations, solid typography, and big, bold visual components that create a stunning look.

    It maintains its professional vibe but with a twist.

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  • In-house team work was the key to success

    The secret to our triumph was the seamless collaboration between our in-house developers and designers. When these two teams come together, a powerful synergy is created. This team harmony allows for spontaneous brainstorming sessions and encourages open communication. As teammates become familiar with each other's workflows, they develop a deeper understanding of expectations.

    As a result, developers can lay the foundation while designers simultaneously unleash their creativity, working in harmony to bring the project to life.

    Essential Information for Asylum Seekers

    When the Icelandic Red Cross sought to address a critical gap in services for asylum seekers, they turned to us for a solution.

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