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2014 — 2024

Google Quantum

We created two interactive learning modules in the form of immersive experiences to offer a window into the world of quantum computing research and development.

Project hero

The Google stack

Google has its own proprietary tech stack that we brought our own flair to, and since time was of the essence with this project, we had to forgo type safety and renew the friendship with an old friend, vanilla JavaScript.


Vanilla Javascript

Programming language


JavaScript 3D library


Animation platform


CSS extension language


State-management solution


Google's static site generator

Explaining Quantum AI

The goal of the project is to explain Quantum AI to the average person by presenting material in the form of interactive experiences. We created a couple of learning modules, the Lab and the Journey, for users to get acquainted with Google's new Quantum AI Campus in Santa Barbara and to showcase the history, future, and applications of Quantum computing.

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  • Screenshot of Google Quantum Labs website
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  • Screenshot of Google Quantum Labs website
  • Google Quantum Labs

    Labs were the first project we delivered. It is a WebGL-powered application that showcases the Google Quantum headquarters in California and gives the audience an insight into the work that goes on there.

    We explain the difference between classical and quantum computers in a fun way and introduce the key people behind the scenes who voice-over their respective sections.

    The overlapping theme of the experience is to go from the biggest of things to the smallest of things, represented with an overview of the earth that zooms into a quantum qubit, the smallest unit of quantum information.

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  • Google Quantum Map

    Google Quantum Map is an interactive web application in the form of a video game. It takes the user on an interactive journey through the history of quantum computing and explores the possible future where error-correcting quantum computers have replaced classical computers.

    The user controls a small arrow and scrolls through different scenes like a video game. The game's goal is to climb a mountain that is a metaphor for the long quantum computing journey that we are currently on.

    The game's many chapters represent a turning point in quantum computing technology, either historical or theoretical, which the user can read more about as she climbs the mountain of quantum computing until she reaches the cirque of error-correction: the ultimate goal of quantum computing research.

    The scene that transitions us into the headquarters in Santa Barbara

    Google IO 2021

    We're proud of the work we did on these projects. Despite our historically hard stance on "no crunch times" we developed these projects in under 4 weeks to meet the deadline of Google IO 2021. if you ask us, that might just be a world record.

    During the conference Google's Sundar Pichai unveiled to the world the work that goes on at Google Quantum AI and invited everyone that were interested to learn more at

    Despite the time limitations we are proud of these projects and hope they'll serve Google well in educating the general public on the usefulness of quantum computing.

    Essential Information for Asylum Seekers

    When the Icelandic Red Cross sought to address a critical gap in services for asylum seekers, they turned to us for a solution.

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