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2014 — 2023

Essential Information for Asylum Seekers

Streamlining Access to Humanitarian Aid

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Reliable technology

Recognizing the diverse linguistic needs of asylum seekers, ranging from Spanish to Arabic, we chose Next.js 14 for its exceptional speed and internationalization capabilities.



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Typesafe and Efficient Styling library

Dato CMS

A Robust and User-Friendly Content Solution

Streamlining Access to Humanitarian Aid

When the Icelandic Red Cross sought to address a critical gap in services for asylum seekers, they turned to Aranja for a solution. Faced with the challenge of disseminating vital information to a diverse audience, our task was clear: develop an accessible, comprehensive portal that consolidated scattered resources into one reliable platform. Recognizing the value of this project, we committed to this venture, offering our services without charge.

A Collaborative Effort for a Humanitarian Cause

Our objective was to create a user-friendly website that would serve as a central hub for asylum seekers in Iceland. The aim was to simplify their access to crucial information about rights and available services. This meant not only translating legal and bureaucratic language into a more accessible format but also ensuring the availability of this information in multiple languages to cater to a diverse audience.

The project's success hinged on understanding the unique needs of asylum seekers. Collaborating closely with the Icelandic Red Cross, we engaged in comprehensive research, including consultations with the very people we aimed to assist. This collaborative approach was instrumental in shaping the website's content and functionality, ensuring it addressed real-world needs effectively.

This project was more than just a website development task; it was an opportunity to contribute to a cause that resonates deeply with our values at Aranja. By aligning our technical expertise with the Icelandic Red Cross's humanitarian mission, we were able to deliver a solution that not only informs but also empowers asylum seekers as they navigate their new environment in Iceland.

The Aranja team supported the Icelandic Red Cross Asylum Team in our goal to ensure safe access to information for our target groups. The level of professionalism and care that the Aranja team offered to us in the process has exceeded all of our expectations. In addition to expertise, the Aranja team demonstrated genuine care for the quality and the positive change that the product aims to achieve. Aranja generously donated all the work to the Red Cross, and therefore, to some of the most vulnerable groups in Iceland. With our infinite gratitude, our experience is a testimony that the Aranja team does not make compromises with quality of their delivery!

Azra Sehic

Project Manager ‑ Immigrants and Refugees

The ideal CMS

Choosing DatoCMS for the Icelandic Red Cross information portal was a strategic decision, driven by its seamless integration with Next.js and exceptional support for multilingual content. This combination enabled us to efficiently manage and present information in various languages, from Spanish to Arabic, catering to the diverse audience of asylum seekers. DatoCMS stands out for its user-friendly interface, making content updates manageable for the Red Cross team without extensive technical know-how. Its support for both RTL and LTR languages was essential in ensuring the website was accessible and inclusive.

Moreover, DatoCMS's fair pricing model and advanced image handling capabilities significantly contributed to the project's success. The platform’s first-class React components optimize and server-render images, enhancing the site's performance and visual appeal. This feature, combined with the platform's overall efficiency and ease of use, makes DatoCMS a highly recommendable choice for dynamic and responsive web projects.


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