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Sotheby's Sealed

A secure and safe environment for buyers from all over the world to bid on high-end vehicles, luxury products, and fine art.

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Beyond Traditional Bidding

Sotheby's, a name synonymous with prestige and luxury, approached us at Aranja with an ambitious vision. They aspired to create a high-end web auction platform that would enable global enthusiasts to bid on a diverse array of exquisite items, from high-performance sports cars to priceless works of art.

But Sotheby's wanted more than just a typical auction site. They envisioned a sophisticated and secure platform where bidding was not merely transactional. Their innovative concept incorporated a leaderboard system, aiming to transform the act of bidding into an engaging and interactive experience.

At Aranja, we revel in the enthusiasm of our clients and particularly value collaborations with those who bring clear and passionate visions. The Sotheby's project presented just such an opportunity, and we eagerly rose to the occasion.

Technology used

To bring this project to life, our team employed a cutting-edge tech stack, including Styled Components, TypeScript, Next.js, Nest, GraphQL, Urql, and TypeORM. With these innovative technologies, we developed a seamless, responsive, and highly functional platform that stands head and shoulders above industry standards.



Strongly typed programming language


Monorepo solution


React website framework




A blazing-fast GraphQL client


ORM for TypeScript

Our mission was straightforward but intricate: to develop a world-class web auction platform reflecting Sotheby's brand's sophistication, with a focus on ensuring top-tier security for international buyers. The stakes were undoubtedly high. However, at Aranja, we're not daunted by significant challenges - in fact, we excel when faced with them. This platform was designed and developed by Aranja from 2022 to 2023. The project was architected and designed through many iterations to ensure it is as simple, user-friendly and secure as possible.

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  • Key features of Sotheby's Sealed include:

    • Admin Dashboard: A centralized hub allowing Sotheby's auction staff to efficiently manage auctions and user paddles, ensuring smooth platform operation.

    • Leaderboard: A dynamic, interactive ranking system enabling users to compete anonymously for exclusive, high-value products and artwork.

    • Anti-Sniping Measures: Advanced safeguards prevent last-second bidding by extending the auction when a bid is placed within the final moments, promoting fairness and transparency.

    • Anonymity and Confidentiality: The platform guarantees user privacy by concealing the highest current offer, ensuring that bidders are aware only of their position on the leaderboard.

    At Aranja, we're driven by a passion for adopting cutting-edge technology to deliver outstanding web development solutions. Sotheby's Sealed is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in our field. We're confident that this platform will redefine the auction experience for users worldwide and further establish Sotheby's as a leader in the high-end auction industry.

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