Blue Lagoon Iceland

The skilful Jón Frímann of Skrín was responsible for the stunning pixels that we were tasked with turning into a technical masterpiece—a website for the Blue Lagoon.

A warm welcome


One of the more challenging aspects of the project was making the content fully dynamic while maintaining the artistic direction of the project and keeping everything accessible for all users. Our main objectives: Smooth and snappy, yet dynamic and ostentatious.

The home page serves as an overview of Blue Lagoon's services


Instead of focusing on a single product, as the previous website did, this one gives equal attention to all four of Blue Lagoon’s products:

  1. The classic Blue Lagoon experience.
  2. Retreat Spa: Their newly opened luxurious spa.
  3. Silica Hotel: Their humble hotel.
  4. Retreat Hotel: Their exclusive high-end hotel.

The potential pitfall of suddenly offering 4 times as many products was to perplex existing customers that were used to visiting the previous website to book the classic experience and thus harm sales. To prevent this, we made sure to keep the classic experience at the forefront while strategically showcasing and introducing newer products.


Instead of chaotic, multi-level navigation, we introduced Topics. A Topic is a stand-alone informational page that is made and controlled dynamically via Contentful. Blue Lagoon’s content editors choose and reorder components and text at will, as well as control the URLs and metadata of the page.

An example of a Topic page

Technology used

JavaScript compiler
JavaScript module bundler
Library for building user interfaces
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