Sjóvá Life Insurance

We partnered with Sjóvá to launch their newest digital workflow platform for insurance applications.

The project

We were honoured to work hand in hand with Sjóvá to help them realise a new digital platform for insurance applications. We assisted and guided Sjóvá in the design and customer research phase, developed high fidelity prototypes to validate assumptions, and collaborated with their internal IT team to develop a production ready platform—which serves as a foundation for the company’s digital future. We collaborated with Sjóvá at every step, from user experience design and front-end development, all the way to API integrations.

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Accessible and responsive

We designed and developed Sjova’s digital application to be fully accessible and responsive, and to fit into the customer’s life, wherever they are. Sjova customers can apply for insurance on their phones, tablets or desktop browsers. They can even start on one device and come back later to finish the application on another device.

A look at the desktop version

Streamlined workflows

The Sjova digital platform bridges the gap between customers and the company itself, it also streamlines the company’s internal workflows with a realtime PDF generation service. Internal reviewers and auditors can quickly review new applications digitally, with custom designed PDFs that are easy to read and review.

It's quite the eye candy

Future readiness

As a part of the overall solution delivered to Sjóvá, we designed and developed a reusable component system, so that they can quickly adapt to market needs, and rapidly build new digital workflows. We also created an internal Vue.js workshop to train Sjóvá’s developers.

Technology used

JavaScript framework for building user interfaces
JavaScript module bundler
CSS Modules
Webpack loader for modular and composable CSS
Cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment
Continuous Integration system
UI development environment
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