WOW air

We collaborated with Wow air's in-house development team in an ambitious project to code their new website and online booking experience.

The Project

WOW air wanted a simple and modern website with great user experience for all customers on all devices. The talented team at Work & Co was tasked with providing a design that would capture Wow's unique brand and spirit. We worked to turn their design into a tangible site for all customers to use.

Improved Booking Experience

The main objective of the project was to improve usability and discoverability in WOW's booking flow. With that objective in mind, we helped deliver a component system that would display promotional material to the user, and a brand new booking widget that made it easy for customers to find the best deals in a quick and fun way.

Fun booking flow


Accessibility was one of the primary goals for the project. From the start, we worked to make the whole site fully keyboard accessible and developed with screen readers in mind.


We consulted with the Wow team from the project inception; providing recommendations and deliverables around: content management approaches, localisation, release planning and code deliverables.

We also ran a CSS workshop for members of the team so that they could quickly get up to speed with the latest front-end technologies and advancements.

Technology used

Syntax extension for Ocaml that compiles to Javascript
Reason bindings for ReactJS
CSS Modules
Webpack loader for modular and composable CSS
GraphQL is a data query and manipulation language for APIs
UI development environment
Continuous Integration system
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